Welcoming the Holy

Here we invite you to take time for yourself in personal prayer. The following spiritual reflection offers words and images which we hope will evoke for you an experience of God. 


My grace is sufficient for you. ( 2 Cor.12.9)


Opening Prayer

You move with us , Gracious God, as we pass through life. Be with us when we are not accepted for who we are and when we do n t accept others for who they are. We have a long way to go. Be with us, Lord. Amen. Reading Where did this man get all this? What kind of wisdom has been given to him? (Mark 6.2)  



Jesus was not accepted in his own town and it paralyzed him. He could perform no mighty deed there, we read in Mark. It was not that Jesus was a failure. Rather, his fellow townspeople were failures. They could not see beyond their limited memories of the child, the youth named Jesus. Jesus, the man, the Savior was rejected by his fellow Nazarenes. He was nothing special. But he went on from there, and spread the Word wherever he was received.
We might know the experience of Jesus because we’ve experienced it as well. Our neighbors and friends might say of us: Nothing special! And it might paralyze us as well. Their judgment doesn’t mean that we have nothing to contribute to the unfolding Reign of God. It might mean that this is not the place, the people who will hear and join the work of building faith through companionship.
On the other hand, we may be the ones who reject our neighbor, our family member as not having truth, justice and hope to offer. Others may be able to do nothing with me present.
On this summer Sunday, let’s open ourselves to those closest to us, in our family and circle of friends, in our neighborhood. Let’s see what life would be like if the rejected Jesus found a home in our town, and his goodness became life for us.


Closing Prayer

Gracious God, may our eyes be fixed on you this day. May we see you in our neighbor and in ourselves. May what we see of you give us courage to listen to wisdom where we think there is not wisdom and to speak wisdom when we think we have no wisdom to speak. It all comes from you, gracious God, and we are very glad. Amen.