Motherhouse Photo Gallery

There is so much going on at the Motherhouse, and the following albums are only a few examples!


LifePrep@Naz at the Motherhouse (April-August 2014)

Sisters Pius, Hilary, Lily Ann, Shirley, Anne Martin, Melita, and one of our volunteers Diane continued their frendship with the students from the LifePrep@Naz program. The students brought charades to play, and the Sisters taught the students how to play the game Left, Right, Center. The Sisters are excited to have the students back soon! Click on photo to view more.


LifePrep@Naz at the Motherhouse (January 2014)  

Sisters Pius, Seraphine, Hilary, Lily Ann, Joanne, and Anne Martin joined students from the LifePrep@Naz program for a rousing game of large card BINGO. The students were a delights and the Sisters cannot wait to have them back. Click on photo to view more.
LifePrep@Naz provides community learning experiences that help individuals with intellectual disabilities transform from students to self-determined contributors in our society. To learn more, click here. 

Webster High Show Choir Brings Holiday Cheer (December 2013)

The Motherhouse hosted a lively bunch of students from Webster High School during this Christmas season. The talented members of the Webster High Show Choir sang, danced, played instruments, and participated in  a Christmas sing-a-long with our Sisters and resident priests. Click on photo to view more.

Christmas Carols with Holy Childhood (December 2013)

The Motherhouse was so blessed this season with the gift of music. Students from Holy Childhood visited to sing Christmas carols. Click on photo to view more.


The Making of "Reindeer Dust"(November 2013)

It is a magical time of year at the Motherhouse, the Sisters are making their very popular reindeer dust for the annual Christmas sale! Sprinkle it around your house as evidence of Santa and his reindeer team's visit! Click on photo to view more.

Samaritan Welcome Party for Sisters Marie Adelaide Shire and Jeannine Scheg (November 2013)

Life Enhancement Director Judy Johnson started this new activity in which every Sister or resident priest who moves to Samaritan (a unit at the Motherhouse) has a little party. Today's honorees-Sisters Marie Adelaide Shire and Jeannine Scheg. Hot Cider and pumpkin spiced cakes were the treats along with a table pretty enough to be on the cover of a magazine. Click on photo to view more.


Halloween Tea Party at the Motherhouse (October 2013)

Former Motherhouse nurse, Mary Daswani, came to the Motherhouse and prepared a lovely tea party for some of our residents with a fun Halloween theme. There was apple pie, pumpkin cake, and hot cider for all to enjoy. Thank you Mary!  Click on photo to view more.

  Memorial Day Celebration at the Motherhouse (May 2013)

Our residents showed off their patriotic spirit with colorful hats, sweet desserts, and the best patriotic music!

Senior Songsters of Greece visit the Motherhouse (May 2013)

The Senior Songsters of Greece shared their talents with the Motherhouse residents. They sang songs and invited the audience to sing along as well! Click the photo to view more pictures!                     

Motherhouse Tea Party (April 2013)

Former Motherhouse nurse, Mary Daswani, came to the Motherhouse and prepared a lovely tea party for some of our residents. She made all the pastries herself! Thank you Mary, for your dedication to our Sisters and brother Priests!

Nazareth College Visits Motherhouse for Holocaust Presentation (April 2013)

Nazareth College President Daan Braveman and a group of students came to the Motherhouse for a presentation on their trip to Europe as a part of the March: Bearing Witness to Hope. The March has prepared student leaders to study the Holocaust on site in Germany and Poland. Participants travel to cities that were once vibrant Jewish communities, to concentration and death camps engineered by the Third Reich, and to historic locations commemorating acts of resistance and rescue in the face of the "Final Solution".

Valentine's Day BINGO (February 2013) 

Over thirty Sisters came out to play bingo and eat delicious sweets in the Motherhouse great room in honor of Valentine's Day.

Trinity Montessori Christmas Concert (December 2012)

A special thanks to our Sisters and brother Priest who opened their home to approximately 40 first through six graders from Trinity Montessori and their parents.

 Nazareth College Final Exam Party (December 2012)

Sister Donna Del Santo organized a gathering at the Motherhouse for some Nazareth College students so they could relax in the midst of their exams.

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