Nativity Preparatory Academy

Nativity Preparatory Academy is a Roman Catholic middle school, located in the City of Rochester, designed for self-motivated, economically disadvantaged students whose potential for academic success has been compromised by negative social and economic factors.
The mission of the school is to prep graduates to handle a demanding college preparatory high school curriculum coupled with a strong sense of spirituality, morality and personal responsibility.  In turn, Nativity Prep is committed to placing these outstanding young men and women, who come from all religious backgrounds, into the best high schools within the Greater Rochester Area and will follow their progress on to college.
The McQuaid Jesuit Board of Directors along with the Sisters of Saint Joseph helped start the school in 2009 and remain sponsoring organizations.
Sisters Magdalena Kellner and Mary Lisa Dwyer teach at Nativity. Sr. Magdalena, who spent close to 30 years teaching at Nazareth College and Nazareth Academy, shares her math, chemistry and Spanish experience with students.  Sister Mary Lisa Dwyer, who also spent many years teaching in Catholic Schools, is an Academic Intervention Services Teacher (AIS) at Nativity. Sisters Mary Ann Mayer and Janice Morgan serve on the board.
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