Our Mission


As Sisters of Saint Joseph, what we hold in common is the quest for God in our lives as well as the desire to be Gospel-centered women. For us, this search leads to action in the world. Using our talents, expertise, and networks we find the best ways to help others ~ serving our neighbors, all people, no matter whom they are or where they find themselves, is the Sisters of Saint Joseph mission. Our Sisters, active and retired, work quietly addressing pressing societal needs and extending God's presence to the countless persons we pray for and meet each day.

We serve in the twelve counties of the Diocese of Rochester, rural Alabama, and Brazil. To learn more about our work, please visit our Ministries page.

Here are a few examples:

  • St. Joseph’s Neighborhood Center logs over 20,000 yearly patient visits, caring for whole families who lack adequate health care
  • The Nazareth Elementary School - Aquinas Institute partnership extends tuition assistance to needy families, offering a first class education in the city for young people from Pre-K to 12th grade
  • A multitude of other ministries support people in need of help and hope.