Welcoming the Holy

Here we invite you to take time for yourself in personal prayer. The following spiritual reflection offers words and images which we hope will evoke for you an experience of God in the midst of the Pandemic of Racism in our Country.


Opening Prayer 

Loving God, you have called us as followers of Joseph to stand open, receptive and expectant before You, to know our dependence upon You, to wait for your grace in the Holy Spirit. Liberate us to a radical sense of mission through the rhythm of contemplation and courageous action, to be a healing presence in any and all situations. Amen.
(SSJ Federation Research Team, adapted)



‘Many spiritual traditions warn us against anger. We are told that anger provides fertile ground for seeds of discontent, anxiety, and potential harm to self and others. This is true. However, when systems of injustice inflict generational abuses upon people and communities because of their ethnicity, race, sexuality, and/or gender, anger as righteous indignation is appropriate, healthy, and necessary for survival. . . Until the killing of black and brown people stops, all peaceful methods of resistance are appropriate. Right now, our anger is our truth, and our anger is a sacred part of our humanity and our faith.’ Barbara Holmes, “Contemplating Anger,” “Anger,” Oneing, vol. 6, no. 1 (CAC Publishing: 2018), 20, 25.


Prayerfully recite the litany below, placing each person into the hands of God.

Litany of Murdered Men and Women because of their skin color:
George Floyd --5/26/2020 (Minnesota) Ahmaud Abrey – Feb. 23, 2020 (Georgia)
Breonna Taylor –March 13, 2020 (Kentucky)
Alton Sterling –7/5/16 (Louisiana)
Philando Castile –7/6/16 (Minnesota)
Sandra Bland –7/13/15 (Texas)
Freddie Gray –4/12-19/15 (Maryland))
Walter Scott –4/4/15 (South Carolina)
Tamir Rice –11/22/14 (Ohio)
Michael Brown --8/9/14 (Missouri)
Eric Garner –7/17/14 (New York)
John Crawford –4/5/14 (Ohio) 




Now take some time for personal reflection.

In what ways is God calling you to respond for the sake of men and women of color whose lives have been unjustly targeted by structural racism?
Additionally, Summer offers us times for hospitality and relaxation. Name the ways you are called to offer that to others?


Closing Prayer

Gracious and Loving God, Jesus models for us how to be faithful to your call in our daily lives. May we be faithful to the grace and invitation you offer to us in our daily lives to live full of your love. In You we live, pray, and work for a more just and peaceful world. Amen


“Our work is simply to be standing open and willing. God will do the emptying and the filling and God is very good at God’s work.” (Cathy Nerney)

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