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Bethany House was founded in 1977. A Catholic worker house of hospitality, Bethany House provides shelter for homeless women and children without expecting payment through Social Services; all of their support is through donations. The Sisters of Saint Joseph, have been connected with Bethany House for several years as volunteers and board members. 


  • Opportunities

    House Maintenance Volunteer

    Time: Needed on a weekly basis.
    Description: Helping with the cleaning, basic upkeep, and seasonal needs of Bethany House.
    Preferences: The ideal volunteer would be an individual with experience in plumbing, construction, or just basic housing upkeep.

    Live-In Volunteer

    Time: Evenings and Overnight.
    Description: Willing to sleep overnight at Bethany House, answer phones, etc.
    Preferences: May be ideal for a student interested in social services who is also looking for living accommodations (free room and board).

  • Donations

    Current Needs of Bethany House are the following:

    • Diapers (particularly larger sizes)
    • Formula
    • Coffee & Powdered Creamer
    • Clothing for women and children
    • Materials for newborns (blankets, "onesies", strollers, etc.)
  • Contact Information

    Director: Kweli Sams

    Bethany House

    1111 Joseph Ave, Rochester, NY 14621

    (585) 454-4197

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