Bethany House

Learn about this Ministry & their current Volunteer Opportunities


Bethany House was founded in 1977. A Catholic worker house of hospitality, Bethany House provides shelter for homeless women and children without expecting payment through Social Services; all of their support is through donations. The Sisters of Saint Joseph, have been connected with Bethany House for several years as volunteers and board members.  To learn more about the people Bethany House helps CLICK HERE.

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  • Opportunities

    House Maintenance Volunteer

    Time: Needed on a weekly basis.
    Description: Helping with the cleaning, basic upkeep, and seasonal needs of Bethany House.
    Preferences: The ideal volunteer would be an individual with experience in plumbing, construction, or just basic housing upkeep.

    Live-In Volunteer

    Time: Evenings and Overnight.
    Description: Willing to sleep overnight at Bethany House, answer phones, etc.
    Preferences: May be ideal for a student interested in social services who is also looking for living accommodations (free room and board).

  • Donations

    Current Needs of Bethany House are the following:

    • Diapers (particularly larger sizes)
    • Formula
    • Coffee & Powdered Creamer
    • Clothing for women and children
    • Materials for newborns (blankets, "onesies", strollers, etc.)
  • Contact Information

    Bethany House

    1111 Joseph Ave, Rochester, NY 14621

    (585) 454-4197