An Evening with Sisters and Spirits

8th Annual Fundraiser

September 15, 2023
5:00-7:00 PM
SSJ Motherhouse

It's the news you have been waiting to hear…the Sisters of Saint Joseph are delighted to reopen the Motherhouse doors and welcome you back inside our home! Please join us for a celebratory gathering featuring wine tastings, delicious grazing stations catered by Glendoveers, and catching up with your favorite Sisters and friends, all to benefit the SSJ ministry and retirement funds.


Space is limited, so purchase your tickets promptly in one of the following ways:

  • Send a check, payable to The Sisters of Saint Joseph of Rochester.
    Sisters of Saint Joseph of Rochester
    Attn: Renee Hiscock, Event Coordinator
    150 French Road
    Rochester, NY 14618
  • Online ticket purchase: To make a secure online ticket purchase, the link below will take you to the Sisters of Saint Joseph PayPal online ticket form. You will receive an email confirmation of your ticket purchase.

Ticket Options

Online Auction:

Wednesday, September 13, 2:00 PM to Monday, September 18, 2:00 PMCLICK HERE TO START BIDDING!

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Questions? Contact Renee Hiscock, Event Coordinator, at or 585-641-8138. 


We are grateful to those who have already contributed to An Evening with Sisters and Spirits. Thank you to the following individuals and businesses:
  • 2023 Sponsors

    Honorary Chairpersons
    David L Guadagnino and Mary Beauchamp
    Masters of the Spirits
    Judy Linehan
    Steve and Lorrie Modica 
    Marie C Baglio  
    Marty and Darcy Mucci 
    Jim and Anne Sorensen 
    R Wayne and Beverly LeChase 
    Sal and Jackie Leccese
    Tom and Barbara Clark 
    Greg and MaryAnn Rivers 
    Geoff and Janet Rosenberger
    Kay and John Meisch
    Dick and Mary Ellen Schauseil 
    Bill and Chrissy Carpenter 
    Catharine Kurz
    Mr and Mrs Edward J (Kathleen) Lynd
    John and Judy Lynd
    Michael and Joanna Grosodonia
    Joan M Lusardi 
    Bill and Patty Hayles 
    Dr Paul and Liz Harrington
    Jack Jandrokovic 
    John and Diane Parrinello
    Mary Jo and Kevin Maguire
    George and Ann Fisher
    Michael and Suzanne Lusardi
    Judith W Shaw
    Dr and Mrs Greg (Kathy) Sprissler
    Helen M Davis 
    Lorenzo and Marilyn Todd
    Douglas and Lynne Kirst 
    Tom and Betsy Glavin 
  • 2023 Underwriters

    Welcome Sponsor
    Boardwalk Design Inc
    Wine and Beer Pull Sponsor
    The Lum and Morin Families
    SSJ Mystery Swag Bag Sponsor 
    Dick and JoAnne Sortino
    Grazing Station Sponsors
    Décor Sponsors
    Parking Sponsors
    Video Sponsors
    Entertainment Sponsors
  • 2023 Donors

    Joe and Anne Cirencione
    Dick and JoAnne Sortino
    Judith Goff 
    Chris Leone
    Marie C Baglio 
    Carolyn and Edward Maruggi
    Jim and Kathy Miles
    Michael and Barbara Hurff 
    Henry's Salon 
    David Guadagnino and Mary Beauchamp 
    Nancy Jones and Bud Kelly
    Debbie Nothnagle
    Karen and David Larimer
    Theresa Mancuso
    Jerry Crissy
    Mark and Deb Peartree
    Mary Ann and Jim Hetzer
    Paul and Karen Zachman
    Mary Ellyn and Alan Scanandoah
    Vi Venuti
    Don and Joanne Quick
    Father Gene Weis
    Dorothy Harness
    Ted Hale
    Monica Bauer
    Rosemary Coleman
    Father Roy Kiggins
    Lawrence and Mary Tyndall
    Dolores Brien
    Gary and Theresa Hunter
    Dr and Mrs Robert Parker
    Timothy Clark 
    Donald and Jacqueline Quinn 
    Kay and John Meisch
    Rev Kevin McKenna
    Dennis and Barbara Asselin
    Charles Crimi, Jr
    Christine Licata
    Joe and Eileen Aleo
    Rev Richard Brickler
    Dr and Mrs Gerry Gacioch
    Mike and Chris Rahmlow 
    Kathy Urbanic
    Mary Ann and Charles Flansburg
    John F Gates
    Annette and Paul DeCarolis
    Sharon Kehoe
    Marie Cinti and Steven Finkelstein
    Margaret and John Ideman
    Rudolph and Carol Napodano
    Frank Albano
    Dr John and Mrs Carole Joyce
    Rev Thomas Nellis
    Russell Mandrino
    Eugene and Frances Uttaro
    Monica Minton
    Rev William Leone
    Mike Buckley
    Brigitte Failner
    Loretta Petralis and Brad Landsman
    Mary Ann Gilman
    Philip and Margaret Nothnagle
    Eugene Antczak
    Karen Weis Kershenstein
    Robert and Nancy Ferris
    Patrick and Patricia Knipper
    Rev Brian Cool
    Katie Shelly Butler
    Eileen Wurzer
    Franklin and Ernestine Kamp
    Daniel Meyers
    Roger and Patty Beer
    Karen Baker
    Joseph and Linda Hanna
    Joanne and Joe Mitchell
    Frank and Pat Gacioch
    Scott and Kathy Lord
    Rick and Jane Constantino
    Patricia Glogowski
    Mary Anne Palermo
    John Williams
    Patricia Olandese
    Frank and Sue Staropoli
    Stephanie Neder
    Joel and Sharon Hudson
    Ruth Maltz
    Chris Dermody
    John and Kathy Baker
    Dorothy Pecoraro
    John and JoAnn DeMott
    Ray and Kathleen Lum
    Arthur and Kathleen McNally
    David L Guadagnino and Mary Beauchamp 
    Marlene Pratto
    Rev Albert Delmonte
    Lowell and Nancy Patric
    Sheila and Mick Cornacchio
    Michael Calabrese
    Christine Casaceli 
    Francine O'Neill 
    Patricia Houlihan
    Jean Switala
    Saint's Place
    J Therese Haag-Olson
    Bob and Terry McNamara
    Rev Peter Clifford
    Jane Sutter Brandt
    Karl Voelkl and Diana DiPaolo
    David and Mary Carol Taylor
    Tom and Jean Raisbeck 
    Fioravanti Florist
    Steve and Mary Donlon
    Mary Ann Palermo
    Greg Huether and Andrea Tomaino
    Kevin and Janice O'Rourke
    Mary Hastings
    Mary Candace Minchella
    Steve and Lori LaSalle
    David and Barbara Barron
    Pat and Bill McDonnell 
    Mark and Elaine Hiscock
    Connie Gisel
    Joe Kelly
    Father Dan Tormey
    Bonita Baker
    Erane Allen
    Paul and Sandra Caccamise
    Tom and Pat Mitchell
    Bob Wilcox
    Jay and MaryKay Polston
    Anthony and Judith Malone
    Geraldine Schultz
    Richard and Susan Cringoli
    Elizabeth Osta and Dave Van Arsdale
    Kevin and Christine Peartree
    Craig and Susan Scachitti
    Pat Curry
    Mary Bender
    Mary Brigid Drake
    Richard Kreipe
    Father John Mulligan
    Rev Paul J Tomasso
    Erika Schmitz
    Edward and Bonnie Wurtz
    John and Mary Ellen Peck
    Christine Yeres
    Connie Gisel
    John and Mary Oberlies
    Peg Libutti
    Lorraine Hanway
    Tom and Carol Gutmann
    Robert and Rose Cooper
    Esther Hoefen
    Frank and Kathleen Comella
    Elaine Colombo
    Judy Zicari
    William Graf
    Jim and Mary Kay Rahmlow
    Emad Botros and Maureen Crowley
    Diane and Joseph Syta
    George and Barbara Connors
    George Conte
    Joseph Bell
    James and Betty Sheridan
    Jim Grattan and Aggie Perry
    Jennie and Chuck Ryan
    Jean Kase
    Shirley Sage
    Father Daniel Condon
    Patricia Barclay
    Raymond Sherbinski and Lucille Izzo
    Elizabeth Haag
    Joan Beach 

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