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We are living in a time of environmental crisis. The burning of fossil fuel, soil-damaging agricultural practices, forest clear-cutting, mining practices, human wastefulness and more are causing a total degradation of our planetary environment. We are all experiencing the effects - poor air quality, polluted water, severe storms, drought, wild fires, floods. Scientists, leaders, religious institutions and social organizations world-wide are taking action.

SSJ Public Statement on Climate Change

As Sisters of St. Joseph of Rochester, NY who live the mission of reconciling neighbor to neighbor and neighbor to God, we commit to using our resources for the good of the Earth and its people.

We recognize that our Earth is in peril as we experience vast changes in the world’s climate and the resulting extreme weather events. Scientists world-wide agree this crisis is caused primarily by greenhouse gases being released into the earth’s atmosphere by human activity.

We accept our responsibility to:

  • support the provisions of the Paris Convention on Climate Change of 2015;
  • be energyand conservation conscious and to determine where we can reduce our carbon footprint through use of alternative clean energy resources;
  • purchase fuel efficient vehicles and engage in ride sharing where possible;
  • research and purchase food products and other goods produced locally where possible to reduce greenhouse gases caused by transporting goods over long distances;
  • join with other faith-based groups and environmental advocates to
    • lobby for eco-friendly legislation on the local, state, and national levels
    • call for the preservation of natural habitats for endangered species of plants and animals
    • call for the protection of land, forests, and water from predatory extraction of natural resources.

    We invite others to join our efforts in addressing this serious crisis affecting all life on Earth.

    The Global Environment Committee

    The Global Environment Committee, a subcommittee of Justice and Peace, focuses on environmental issues involving clean water and air, recycling, and land use/conservation - promoting and petitioning for earth-friendly practices and legislation - and working to raise eco-awareness within the community and beyond. We understand the intimate connection between the health of our environment and the health of our Dear Neighbor, realizing that the poor are the first and most seriously affected by environmental degradation.

    GEC Go Green Efforts!

    Here are some of the issues the committee is currently addressing:

    • Researching possibility of solar panels on Motherhouse
    • Looking into Green Burial options      
    • Supporting Seneca White Deer, Inc. management of Seneca Army Depot property
    • Maintaining recycling programs within the Motherhouse
    • Promoting reusables at Motherhouse, e.g. cloth napkins, washable dining/drinking utensils, etc.
    • Keeping the community updated on environmental issues through our website and newsletter
    • Watching for ways to make our voices heard on environmental issues and pending legislation at the local, State and Federal levels
    • Promoting labeling of foods containing GMOs

    What YOU can do!

    • Recycle paper, plastic, cans/bottles
    • Take your own, reusable bags shopping - DON'T USE PLASTIC BAGS!      
    • Take your own cloth napkin to meals
    • Take quick showers - turn water off when soaping up
    • Ride-share or use public transportation when possible
    • Keep informed on environmental issues and legislation
    • Share what you know and your concerns with others
    • Add a prayer for the Earth to your prayer intentions every day

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