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In 1946, Sister St. Mark McMahon, SSJ saw the need for a special class for children who were being ignored by the traditional education system. This was long before New York State had mandated that children with IQ's below 50 be accepted into the educational system. With two small classes of 30 "slow learners," the school of the Holy Childhood was begun. Education and vocational training were the focus of these classes. Academic subjects were taught at each student's level, pace and ability. This focus remains the same today, although many different programs have been added, such as food service, ceramics, life skills and woodworking.


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    For a full list of volunteer opportunities, visit our website www.holychildhood.org/volunteering or call Laurie Otto.

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    Laurie Otto

    Public Relations Manager, Holy Childhood
    100 Groton Parkway, Rochester NY 14623
    P: (585) 359-3710 ext. 144

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