Hope Hall Receives $2.7M Gift

September 12, 2016

A major gift for Hope Hall! The school has received $2.7 million from the Gleason Family Foundation, the largest single gift in the school’s 22-year history. The gift will allow Executive Director, Sister Diana Dolce, and Hope Hall's Board the latitude to begin marketing the school’s educational program to help build more schools like Hope Hall, as well as offset operating costs. Sister Diana said the gift is just one of many contributions the Gleason family has made over the years.

“The Gleason Family Foundation has been in the forefront of supporting educational reform since the 1990’s,” said Sister Diana. “Jim and Jan Gleason first visited Hope Hall in 1997, and gave us our first large gift ($850,000) in 1998 to help us purchase the school. Since that time, the Foundation has been very instrumental in promoting educational reform nationally.”

Sister initially met with the Gleason family in May. Learning of the school’s financial struggles the Gleason’s agreed to double every dollar Hope Hall raised through donations up to $1 million. By this July, the school had raised $333,000 meaning the Gleason Foundation would give the school $666,000.

“When the Gleasons and the Foundation Trustees saw the large outpouring of support, Tracey Gleason, daughter of Jim and Jan, and President of the Foundation, called me and said they didn’t want to send any negative energy our way by writing a check with 666, so they were rounding up to $700,000,” explained Sister.

In addition, the Foundation also agreed to give another $2 million to help offset the school’s yearly operating budget. “They (the Gleasons) knew that raising that kind of money, with nothing to fall back on each year, was preventing me from writing and putting what we do at Hope Hall into a package that could be marketed and replicated,” said Sister Diana.

Hope Hall provides a multi-sensory education approach for students who have trouble learning in a traditional classroom environment.

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