New Chapter for Sheila Walsh Realty Inc.

March 9, 2018

An unusual ministry was launched in August of 1988 by Sisters Sheila Walsh and Shirley Pilot.

Sister Sheila had completed five years of real estate experience with Mary McCarthy and Patricia Kulaga at Eastern Real Estate Services in Rochester. Sister Shirley was leaving her position as Chaplain at RIT after 17 years. Together they were able to draft a business plan that was approved by their Congregational Leadership and Sheila Walsh Realty Inc. was developed with the two Sisters as co-owners and located at 97 Park Avenue.

Experienced real estate professionals soon were affiliated with the company as independent contractors, sharing a portion of earned commissions with the company at an agreed upon percentage. That fund provided money for rent, expenses, donations to the Congregation, and salaries for employees of the company. A full time receptionist/secretary was needed to staff the busy office. Sisters Dorothy Mulcahy, Kathleen Burns and Alice Marie Kurtz served in that capacity over the years.

Due to family needs, Shirley left the company in 1992. When the Park Avenue office was closed in 1996, the official business address was changed to 1040 University Avenue and business activities were conducted by agents using advanced technology in their home offices.

In addition to the established professionals, Sisters Janet Coseo and Luke Hardy have served the real estate community over the years: Janet as a licensed broker and corporate partner with Sheila, and Luke as a licensed salesperson serving a transitional population which values her special gifts.

With a 30-year history of successful activity, 35 years of experience for Sheila and 23 years for Janet, they determined that transition to a new owner was a wise move. Thus, in April of 2016, ownership of the company was assumed by Christopher Daviau, an agent of the company well known to the Congregation as an excellent IT resource. The name of the company remained unchanged as it adjusted to new ownership.

As an energetic, skilled and entrepreneurial young owner, Chris has brought new life to an already vibrant organization. His plans include expanding the number of professionals in the company and opening an office in North Carolina when the time is right for that to happen. He has developed a new logo and changed the company name to Highland Realty Group Inc.

The values and traditions of Sheila Walsh Realty Inc. will continue to drive the work of the company, and Sheila as Real Estate Trainer for new agents, Janet as Associate Broker and Luke as agent for those in transition will continue to be active participants in its future.

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